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Leakage detecting device
BH.BW-1800   BH.BW-8800
  type Automatic Halogen leak detectors is the company according to customer demand test and mode new product,it employ advance electornic circuit,feeler design ripe reliable parocessing technique,the product quality excellent,natural stable,it may be called a brgain product.
Advanced electoronic circuit,auto surroundings background proofread function,send instrument precise find leak,can crooked flexible pliancy feeler,can examine special complex place,the product can prode all Halogen gas (C1 compound F compound) Include:CFC,HCFC blend Cold-producting etc. 
   CFCs such asR11,R12,R500,R503 etc.
   NCFCs such asR22,R123,R124,R502 etc.

   HFCs such asR134a,R404a,R125 etc.
   CFCs such asR11,R12,R500,R503 etc.
   Examine originally equipment orders of suppriors ethylene oxide gas leak.(Examine sterilige equipment etc)
   Examine high pressure switch center SF6 gas.
   Examine for the most part F.C1 Br CHALOGEN gas.
   Examine put out a fire system Halong gas.
BH.BW-1800A type leak detectors wide-ranging us atrefrigerate air conditioner,produce and repair chemistry environment electronic, Plastics machine  testroom scientific research etc many pipeline examine.
BH.BW-1800A type leak detection technllogy data
Type Highest sensitivity Operating temperature  Working condition React time
BH.BW-1800A <=14g/year 0-52 C One second Jiffty
Warm-up time Power supply Use battery Battery life Unit weight
5-6min 3VDC Two nodosity two number aldaling cell Use normal circa 60 hours 500g
Unit dime  Lay up temperature Spring Length    
185mm X 70m X 50mm -10-60 C 250mm    

The products of this company are subject to technial changes without notification. 

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